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Services To Customers / Investors

[A] Sale & Purchase

We are committed to providing investors, home owners, and consumers with current and historical information about the property price inflation- allowing them to make informed decisions in the real estate market, in order to enjoy the best possible returns.Giving a property the exposure, it deserves to find quality buyer or seller for the right price requires enormous commitment, knowledge understanding & professional maturity.

We review and advise owners & builders, of the best ways in which to enhance values of their properties, whilst at the same time, aligning price expectations to market levels.We offer buyers a hand-picked portfolio of properties that offer good investment.

Through our pool of quality buyers & sellers we endeavor to reduce the turnover time and achieve satisfactory price for both sellers & buyers in a very transparent & professional manner.

[B] Financial Assistance / Home Loan

We provide free services to our consumers to help them with their loan requirements from various Banks & financial institutions.

With our experience in the real estate markets, we are continuously working on the process of expanding our association with more Banks & NBFCs to enable us to offer a basket of choices to our clients on interest rates, down payment, tenure, documentations, service levels etc.