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Services To Real Estate Developers

[A] Marketing Strategy & market survey

This function includes setting up marketing strategies to sell large/ medium/small property schemes, housing estates as well as individual properties. We also carry out market research & survey with a view to advising the client on the correct selling strategy and prevailing & expected future trends.

We maintain a large database of clients and have an in-depth knowledge of the potential clients coming into the market from all over India. Our staff is able to provide up-to-date information on market trends for all types of properties in our areas of operation.

[B] Joint Venture

As a company that is poised centrally in the market, we can bring the benefits of real estate development to wider groups through joint venture arrangements.

Our joint venture structures would help in pairing owners of land that has latent potential with developers who undertake the process of real estate development, forming a structure that offers healthy returns to both the landowner and the developer.

[C] Financial Structuring

This portfolio is structured to bring together low & medium-sized investors looking to enter into the real estate development field.

With developments that are fully managed by our in-house team, these investors have been able to garner high-yielding returns on investment without day-to-day involvement of real estate developmental work.