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Services To The Property Owners

[A] Property Management

Maintaining the property can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. That’s why it makes sense to leave the management of property and day-to-day hassles to specialists like us.

On appointment, it becomes our responsibility to carry out a rental/ market survey with a view to advising the client on the rents or prices prevailing in the market and expected future trends.

With Parito’s engagement, our clients are more likely to get better rental rates, see rents increased in line with the market trend, and have higher occupation levels. Our clients would also have a decreased vacancy period. As Managers of the property, we would begin sourcing for a new tenant well before the existing tenant is leaving.

[B] On appointment as Property Managers, we offer the following services:

  • Identification of suitable tenants.
  • Execution of agreement with mutually acceptable terms.
  • Rent collection.
  • Preparation of statements of accounts.
  • Renewal/ negotiations for new agreement whenever required.
  • Maintenance and repairs supervision.
  • Periodic inspections as advised.
  • Providing updates of the property market.
  • Taking possession from the vacating tenants and ensuring that they comply with their obligations at the time of vacating, in respect of required repairs, painting, cleaning etc & clearance of all dues.

We aim to reduce your hassles that come from being a homeowner and/ or a landlord.