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Owning a residential or commercial property can provide a great return over time. But it can also be a disappointing, stressful and time consuming affair due to various aspects and levels of involvement that are required to own a clean property and subsequently manage the same – be it knowledge of relevant acts, legislations, mandatory or statutory regulations, taxes, documentation or any related issues that matter a lot while dealing in the real estate.

We understand these requirements and our team is well trained to handle them on our customer’s behalf.

With our services our customers can be sure that things are being dealt with in the right way, by the right people and their investments are always shielded from possible risks of unprofessional market practices.

We have classified our services into 4 broad categories –

a) Services to Real Estate Developers / Builders

b) Services to Customers / Investors – Buying & Selling.

c) Services to Property owners- Property management

d) Services to Plot Owners – Construction, Renovation & Repair